Monthly POWER Event


Welcome to the POWER Monthly Meetup!

Perhaps you are a small business owner, a health professional, lotion & potion maker, graphic designer, writer, or food creator. Whatever your passion, this event is designed to connect with women from all over Portland, create new friendships, and generate ideas to advance your business, career, or creative outlet.


May In-Person P.O.W.E.R. Event

Monday, May 22nd, 2023 | 4:30 - 7:30pm

Rose Haven 1740 NW Glisan St Portland, OR 97209


June In-Person P.O.W.E.R. Event

Monday, June 12th, 2023 | 4:30 - 7:30pm


We all get a moment to speak in front of the group allowing the rest of us to see how we each might be able to work together & empower one another. This is an opportunity to practice your public speaking and for some of us an excellent opportunity for personal growth!



Each month there will be two powerful speakers who will go into more detail about their story so that we can learn about them on a deeper level. More often than not these mini-talks will leave you with new tools and a fresh perspectives to incorporate into your life.

September Speakers


Elizabeth Lavenue

" Sound Healing: Allow your voice to heal your Heart "

Talk Description:
In these times of deep uncertainty and loss, opening to the energy of our own voices can invite emotional shifts into greater clarity, acceptance of what is, and connection to your heart. Elizabeth will introduce us to the fundamentals of this practice, and we will have 5 minutes to explore together (you will be on mute, so no worries about how it sounds!), ending with a brief meditation.

As a sound and shamanic healer, and voice and meditation teacher, Elizabeth brings a powerfully unique blend of skill and passion to healing through sound. Drawing from 30 years of performance and voice teaching, a degree in Religious studies, certified as a Know Thyself meditation teacher, and a Reiki and shamanic practitioner, Elizabeth guides us to connect with our voice as an instrument for self-healing and planetary transformation.

As we center ourselves in our heart, we learn to trust and open into a deep, sometimes raw expression of sound that is authentic, non-judgemental and healing on many levels.


Melanie Marconi

" Maximizing Our Personal Superpowers by Melanie Marconi, Founder & CEO of VIDA "


Talk Description:
We all have unique traits, strengths, and experiences ~ our personal superpowers —that give us confidence and help take ourselves and our businesses to the next level. Melanie will help you identify your top three superpowers, and show you how to build a toolbox to help maximize them personally and professionally.

A longtime entrepreneur, executive, and passionate advocate for change, Melanie Marconi is committed to helping women achieve their most ambitious personal and professional goals.

Melanie launched her first company, BDI Development Group, at the age of 23. This mission-driven company is a boutique consulting firm that provides fundraising, event planning, and strategy services to nonprofit organizations across the country. Since taking on the leadership role at BDI Events in 2004, Melanie achieved annual business growth of 10% to 30% while setting and achieving long-term strategic goals, developing nationwide partnerships, and managing day-to-day company operations. She and her partners also launched a spinoff business, Where Will They Stay?, to help clients find and secure custom hotel room blocks for their guests.

In 2018, Melanie was seeking a space for her growing team and realized that there was nothing available to support the day-to-day needs of working women like her and her colleagues. The Vida Coworking community opened in Portland, Oregon on July 1, 2019 and provides workspace and tailored services to create balance, find joy and help members excel personally and professionally.

Melanie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism and Communication, with an emphasis in Public Relations, from the University of Oregon. She is also active in the nonprofit community, having served as a volunteer, donor, and board member for several different nonprofit organizations around the country. She has presented on productivity and work/life integration to a range of different audiences at workshops, conferences, and through podcasts and webinars.

Since becoming a single mom eight years ago to her daughter, Ellie, Melanie has been searching for innovative ways to get the most out of each day. VIDA stemmed from her desire to have all of life’s daily needs in one beautiful space, surrounded by other inspiring women entrepreneurs.


Each month there will be two powerful speakers who will go into more detail about their story so that we can learn about them on a deeper level. More often than not these mini-talks will leave you with new tools and a fresh perspectives to incorporate into your life.

June Speakers


Shawna Fisher

"Making Magical Connections with animals "

What message has an animal been sending your way? Learn how to tap into those messages and receive wisdom that an animal is sharing with you. I'll provide guidance on the signs that animals from nature send us and how to see further into these signs.

Join me as we go on an exploration into the world of animal communication. I will take you on a journey with one of your animals to see what insights they have for you or something they may want you to know. I will also give a little brief introduction to animal communication and what it can help with.

If you want some more information into the world of animals and animal communication, I invite you to come and explore with us in June!


Shawna Fischer is a charismatic animal communicator based in Vancouver, Washington. Since a young age, she has had been communicating with animals and has always found comfort in their presence. She had no idea how deep that communication could be until a feisty wise yellow lab named Luna came into her life. Excited by the possibilities to use her innate gift to bring comfort to both animals and their people, Shawna started to read as much as she could on the subject. She took classes with Marta Williams in California and Amelia Kinkade in Federal Way, Washington, and started practicing animal communication on a more regular consistent basis.

She has been practicing animal communication professionally for about 10 years. She has been interviewed on radio shows, hosted her own internet radio show, and was a co-host on another radio show. She has taught classes online and in person. She has helped countless animals and their people deepen their connection with their animals.


Tiffany Kilpatrick

Restoring curiosity – Moving beyond binary thinking to achieve connection."


In this talk, we’ll explore the ways we unconsciously fall into binary thinking, as people, as parents, and in all areas where we rely on quick judgment. We’ll do a fun exercise to check our own snap judgments and to demonstrate how our minds are predisposed to binary frameworks.

Binary thinking doesn’t really benefit us outside of life or death survival situations. Binary thinking reduces everything to an either/or scenario, good vs bad, us vs them, rich vs poor, left vs right, winning or failing. Yet life isn’t this way and no decision is as simple as two choices. Most situations are in the gray area or can even be two things at once. Binary thinking is quick, it’s based on an engrained response system developed by our family of origin and our life experiences.

The alternative is thinking on a spectrum – thinking with curiosity.

Imagine a situation where you see your life with curiosity, where opportunity for learning awaits every minute and possibilities become realities. When we slow down our natural tendency toward binary thinking, we open ourselves to living imaginatively, openly, and fluidly. We create a learning space and we remove away from shame and towards connection. We create learning moments that are no longer about winning vs failing but about what worked wonderfully and where we have a chance to improve.

Tiffany (she/her) is a hiker, organizer, Aries and her biggest passion is being a support to moms with young children. After ten years in the corporate world, she became a homeschool mom, foster parent, personal trainer and owned a motherhood fitness franchise. Using this variety of experience, training, and education, Tiffany created The Mom Toolkit, an online resource for moms who need help connecting to their joy while raising children.


Tickets are $35-40. We usually sell out and space is limited so if you plan on coming we encourage you to purchase your ticket beforehand. If you can’t attend we ask you to provide 24 hours notice and we will transfer your ticket to the next month. This only applies if you let us know beforehand so we can allow someone else the opportunity to attend.


May 2023 POWER will be held at:

Rose Haven 
1740 NW Glisan St Portland, OR 97209

This is a no-sales event so this may not be the right 'fit' if you are looking to pitch your business or wares. We support each other through community and connection.

There are a limited number of scholarship tickets available so if funds are tight and you want to check us out for the first time please email me at with a brief description of what you do and why you want to join our community! We all know what it’s like when you are just getting started and we don’t want to turn great people away.