Monthly POWER Event


Welcome to the POWER Monthly Meetup!

Perhaps you are a small business owner, a health professional, lotion & potion maker, graphic designer, writer, or food creator. Whatever your passion, this event is designed to connect with women from all over Portland, create new friendships, and generate ideas to advance your business, career, or creative outlet.

This is a structured event that starts at 10:00 am sharp. The online chat room will open at 9:45 am to allow time to settle in before we begin!

We all get a moment to speak in front of the group allowing the rest of us to see how we each might be able to work together & empower one another. This is an opportunity to practice your public speaking and for some of us an excellent opportunity for personal growth!



Each month there will be two powerful speakers who will go into more detail about their story so that we can learn about them on a deeper level. More often than not these mini-talks will leave you with new tools and a fresh perspectives to incorporate into your life.

September Speakers


Leah Bayles

"Unshakeable Safety

Your Business "

In these tumultuous times, you may sometimes feel more vulnerable, scattered, and uncertain than ever before. Choose to Live in Your Heart Power and you will feel grounded, strong, and centered while you are making the positive impact you were born to make.
In this lively, heartfelt, interactive presentation participants will discover:
** 3 Reasons heart-centered women may feel extra vulnerable
** 4 Keys to thriving in the deep safety of your Heart Power
** The #1 Life-Changing, World-Changing Force you can unleash today!


Lea Bayles, M.A, has been called “a secret weapon for life and business success,” “a voice for healing, empowerment, and love with a capitol L” and “a marvelous magician who helps us transform into our most glorious and loving selves.” Transformational speaker, holistic life coach, host of the We Are More podcast and founder of The Miracle Maker's Pathway, Lea empowers big-hearted high achievers to thrive in body, mind and soul so they can create the lives and the powerful impact they were born to create. Recovering from a serious immune system crash in her early 30’s woke Lea up to the extraordinary healing power within each of us. This led to extensive studies in practical spirituality and healing arts, a master's degree in psychology and a 20 year career in holistic wellness. She has served in many capacities including mind-body-spirit therapist at an integrative medical center, employee wellness coordinator for a large hospital system, facilitator of hospital patient groups, master teacher of yoga and chi kung and program director for an international yoga therapy program. Lea offers 1:1 coaching, retreats, workshops and classes online, around the US and at her home, Dreaming Forest Farm, in the Oregon foothills.



Charlotte Chipperfield

" How To Ignite Your Marketing, Holistically. "


Ignite your marketing holistically to reach more people so that you can create the freedom in your business you desire while having the impact on the world you want to have. Imagine being able to create a sustainable marketing system. You'd have the clarity needed to reach the right people at the right time so you can focus on delivering what you do best. In this talk, you’ll learn what Holistic Marketing is and how it connects to the multiple facets of the business from brand communications all the way through to the customer’s experience. You’ll learn how to take a 10,000 foot view of your marketing to not isolate activities such as a Facebook ad or email marketing, but instead getting crystal clear on how marketing impacts each area of your business and your customers.


Falling in love with stories from a young age, Charlotte Chipperfield gravitated towards a career in marketing where brand stories come alive. Having worked for both start-ups and national brands, Charlotte gained an in-depth understanding of digital marketing as a toolkit allowing any brand to engage directly with customers. In 2014, Charlotte founded Chipperfield Media and is on a mission to empower purpose-led entrepreneurs and thought leaders to stay accountable to their mission and create an intentional marketing roadmap to be seen and heard in the digital space to positively impact the world. Charlotte's vision is to detour entrepreneurs and thought leaders from "should-ing town” to instead make business and marketing decisions from a centered place rooted in purpose and intentionality. Charlotte is the creator of The Holistic Marketing System. She teaches conscious business leaders through her signature online course, The Holistic Marketing Roadmap, which blends mindful marketing with conscious business practices. She is an online contributor to SWAAY, the host of The Holistic Marketing Podcast and speaker. Charlotte is currently writing the book Holistic Marketing for the Conscious Business Leader.



Tickets are $15. We usually sell out and space is limited so if you plan on coming we encourage you to purchase your ticket beforehand. If you can’t attend we ask you to provide 24 hours notice and we will transfer your ticket to the next month. This only applies if you let us know beforehand so we can allow someone else the opportunity to attend.


As a result of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have transitioned to virtual meetings online via Zoom. Once we can meet in person again, we will be announcing a new magical location for our gatherings.

This is a structured event that starts at 10:00 am sharp. The online chat room will open at 9:45 am to allow time to settle in before we begin!

This is a no-sales event so this may not be the right 'fit' if you are looking to pitch your business or wares. We support each other through community and connection.

There are a limited number of scholarship tickets available so if funds are tight and you want to check us out for the first time please email me at with a brief description of what you do and why you want to join our community! We all know what it’s like when you are just getting started and we don’t want to turn great people away.