Monthly POWER Event


Welcome to the POWER Monthly Meetup!

Perhaps you are a small business owner, a health professional, lotion & potion maker, graphic designer, writer, or food creator. Whatever your passion, this event is designed to connect with women from all over Portland, create new friendships, and generate ideas to advance your business, career, or creative outlet.

This is a structured event that starts at 12:00pm sharp. Doors open at 11:30am to allow time to get a beverage, snack and mingle before we begin! We encourage you to come early and make new connections!

We all get a moment to speak in front of the group allowing the rest of us to see how we each might be able to work together & empower one another. This is an opportunity to practice your public speaking and for some of us an excellent opportunity for personal growth!



Each month there will be two powerful speakers who will go into more detail about their story so that we can learn about them on a deeper level. More often than not these mini-talks will leave you with new tools and a fresh perspectives to incorporate into your life.

February Speakers


Cat Eckrode

"Talk Title: To The Mountain Via Molehills - Working Towards Giant Goals In Small Steps"

Cat Eckrode had an audacious goal to hike 93 miles on the Wonderland Trail. She will share how she went from novice hiker to experienced backpacker in order to complete the famed route around Mt. Rainier, and how you can break mountains down into conquerable molehills on the way to success. 


When Cat Eckrode began exploring the outdoors, she was out of shape, felt out of place, lacked any outdoor skills, had no idea what gear she should have, plus she faced well-intended doubts from others as obstacles every time she set out for the trail. Today, she is not only confident in her own abilities as an outdoorswoman but in the ability of those who haven’t even started hiking yet! Through amazing first-hand experiences, a lot of research, and immense personal growth, she's learned how many great benefits can come from trail-based adventures. 


Cat strongly believes that the skills and joys found in outdoor adventure spill over into everyday life, and that the outdoors are truly for everyone to enjoy. She pairs her passion for personal growth gained by exploring the outdoors with her professional background, including experience as a leader and a coach. When introducing others to hiking basics, she makes a point of sharing ethical and sustainable practices that respect nature and all others who enjoy the outdoors. Her primary mission is to introduce others to trail-based adventures by building a foundation of basic outdoors skills & knowledge, leaving each individual with a sense of self-confidence and empowerment to be carried both on and off the trail. Everyone can become The Outdoor Adventure Kind.



Ann Warnock

"Four Steps to Switch Your Inner Voice from Critic to Mentor"

When we dare to step into more powerful and visible expressions of our genius and purpose, we face uncertainty, risk and emotional vulnerability. And the call of our soul is met with the voice of fear. The Inner Critic argues for us to hold back and play small, but ignoring or banishing that part of us is not the solution.

The liberating action is to make the Inner Critic your ally. It wants to fulfill its role of protector and it will keep talking until you listen. Ann will teach a simple process that will help you quickly switch from the limiting voice of Inner Critic to the capable voice of Inner Mentor, giving you the tools to develop an empowered relationship to self-doubt and risk.

Ann Warnock is on a mission to transform heart-centered women into Purpose-Driven Power Players™. She knows that women stepping into their Authentic Power will be the transformative force that reshapes business, government, education and communities to support all of life to thrive.

She has personally experienced, and witnessed in her clients over the past 15 years, how women hold themselves back, play small and dim their light. So she created LEAP: Lead from Embodied Authentic Power. The structural design of LEAP workshops and coaching catalyzes exponential personal and professional growth, and participants evolve into the leader who can actualize their big, bold vision.

Ann received her professional coach training from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and holds a B.S. in Business Management and a comprehensive minor in psychology.




Poppy & Finch

native plants: beauty with purpose


One-of-a-kind PNW native botanical centerpieces for special occasions,
events, homes or businesses, unique educational gifts and customized hands-on workshops.

In Poppy & Finch studio, colorful vintage coffee cans, condiment containers and other re-purposed collectibles are used for arrangements of Native flora, which will transform them into unique, one-of-a-kind centerpieces for an upcoming wedding or staging, to name a few. T-shirts, tote bags, and cushions sporting the colorful Poppy & Finch logo are ready to be shipped to customers. Plans for collaborations with local artists, on products such as potteries, soaps, candles and essential oils, are blooming and growing. And inspired new native plant project ideas pop up in my sketchbooks daily.

We think of the earth as this enduring thing that nurtures us and will outlive us, but the truth is, it’s very fragile. What we do for it while we’re here really does matter. I love being able to use my design skills to help people understand that, and help them experience the beauty of giving the earth what it needs. I really believe we have to plant locally and think globally. The plants we put in our gardens will feed the birds and butterflies and all the other wildlife around us. Ninety percent of local leaf-eating insects, including caterpillars that turn into butterflies, only can eat Native plants. Most of plants around us might be drought-tolerant but they are from Africa, New Zealand, Australia, etc. Native plants is the base food web for the cycle of life. Gardening with Native is such a rewarding experience, I really feel connected to nature. I want to help people everywhere surround themselves with the real, authentic beauty of
this place, where we are so lucky to be living. ~




Tickets are $25. We usually sell out and space is limited so if you plan on coming we encourage you to purchase your ticket beforehand. If you can’t attend we ask you to provide 24 hours notice and we will transfer your ticket to the next month. This only applies if you let us know beforehand so we can allow someone else the opportunity to attend.

POWER supplies beverages and snacks.


The Alberta Space - 5010 NE 9th Avenue Unit B - on the corner of Alberta Street (Up the black stairs at the back of the building. At the top of the stairs go through the little black gate on the left hand side.)

The Alberta Space is a beautiful loft style venue and the perfect spot for your next event, class or workshop. We have a conference room surrounded by windows and natural light with its own private bathroom. There is a separate large event space with hardwood floors and large windows that can accommodate between 50-100 people depending on the furniture set-up. The Alberta Space is located on NE 9th Avenue smack in the heart of the Alberta Arts District.

This is a no-sales event so this may not be the right 'fit' if you are looking to pitch your business or wares. We support each other through community and connection.

There are a limited number of scholarship tickets available so if funds are tight and you want to check us out for the first time please email me at with a brief description of what you do and why you want to join our community! We all know what it’s like when you are just getting started and we don’t want to turn great people away.