Rae~Ven Barnard
heartfelt.wholeself@gmail.com http://www.heartfeltwholeself.com
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Heartfelt Whole Self

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I am a soul alchemy midwife, plant spirit medicine guide, intuitive energy and sound healer, reflexologist, and Ayurveda Yoga Therapy specialist. I help people in a variety of ways and create unique energetic cocoons for healing and change. Through the power of the elements, ceremony, and ritual, I help people heal from all conditions (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional) and empower their natural healing abilities in the process. I work with all ages including children, and I work with land and homes and animals. I often work with healing emotional trauma , whether this life or another. I also assist individuals in death and in dying. My tag line is ‘heart-centered conscious living, breathing, and dying’

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Healer and Guide

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