Jeni Wren Stottrup
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Gritty Birds Podcasting

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I am a multimedia producer, audio engineer and coach specializing in podcast production. I have been producing events, albums and content for 15 years, since graduating with music and political communications undergraduate degrees, eventually getting my masters in education. Through my company I help podcasters produce, refine, find solutions to, launch and cultivate their shows. Since launching my show 5 years ago with XRAY.FM, I have supported hundreds of podcasters and speakers though workshops, consultations and production support. I have spoken nationally at conferences including She Podcasts Live, Indie PodCon, PodFest, Podcast Movement, Podcastcasters ToolKit, Podcast Editors Conference and more. I have been published in the Portland Mercury, Paste Magazine, Podcast Magazine and Vortex Mag. I regularly do private consulting for both independent producers and international clients, including Fresh Books, Mackie Audio, iHeart Radio, RME Audio and more.

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Podcast Producer

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Marketing & Advertising, Design & Media Production, Writing & Editing & Publishing

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