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Empowerment Collective

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Nasreen Sheikh, Director of The Empowerment Collective, is a survivor of modern slavery. She hid and fought to escape forced marriage, child labour and extreme poverty. Her creativity, entrepreneurial abilities, ethical stance and ability to seek human justice are so embedded in her that, despite extreme disadvantage, she has created a replicable model for entrepreneurship via local women’s Handicrafts social business and Non-profit Empowerment Collective that can contribute significantly to eradicating modern day slavery. Through her advocating for global human right movement Nasreen aims to use her voice to exert pressure on governments, national and local stakeholders, and employers to adhere to five justice that all people have 1) food, water, shelter, 2) health care, 3) education, 4) a safe environment with freedom of choice and 5) a living wage. Two thriving centres in the poorest regions, one in Kathmandu and second on the border of India and Nepal. The model on which the centres are built adheres to five justices to help dismantle the economic hold that unethical consumerism has on modern day slaves. For decades she spoke truth to power, negotiated and personally risked everything to build these centers. Nasreen believes that true empowerment lies not in charity or aid but in creating opportunities for people to leverage their strength by providing safety, community, education and learning skills that enable them to start their own businesses. visit our website to learn more.

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