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Amber Jane Healing

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Amber Jane Arquette is a Modern Medicine Woman. Gifts that used to overwhelm her - are now the unique strengths that bring miraculous healing to her clients. She is trained in 21st Century Energy Medicine through LightSong school of Core Shamanism. And has honed her abilities to restore lost or stollen vitality, known as soul pieces. Throughout her life she heard the whisperings of unseen. From lost spirits to plant spirits. Amber Jane was raised with herbs as the medicine in her Mother’s home. In her adult life she studied the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Naturally helping people learn to use the plants for body, mind and spiritual wellbeing. In 2018 Amber Jane published her first book called Plant Wisdom to share the spiritual messages of the Plants. Amber Jane’s second book, published this year, “Altars - Creating Sacred Space”, she shares how important physical space is for our personal/emotional well-being. This being vitally important during this time. Professionally she creates powerful energetic containers and Altars for events, retreats and workshops. And leads her own sacred community circles. With an international practice, Amber Jane, enjoys speaking and teaching ways to better care for your energetic bodies with the tools she personally uses to navigate this 3D world. Her work brings a deep sense of peace, lightness, wellbeing and connectedness.

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Energy Medicine Healer, Teacher, Author

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Health, Wellness & Fitness, Consulting & Coaching

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