Insight Circle


A POWER Event for Women Entrepreneurs to Seek Guidance and Share Knowledge with One Another

As I’ve watched POWER grow from 15-20 attendees each month to over 50 I’ve witnessed the incredible power of collaboration and how this group seems to fancy spending more time together.

This inspired me to create POWER Insight Circle.

Imagine having 20-40 women that you respect greatly come together where you can ask a general question about a challenge that you are currently facing. Then imagine those amazing women sharing their knowledge and advice with you!


This monthly meet up is designed to provide:

  • A 30-minute relaxed flow to network in the unique and heart-centered way true to the POWER monthly meet ups

  • A room full of Portland women thinkers, doers, and creators to bounce ideas off of

  • An opportunity to learn what other people struggle with in their business (there is huge learning potential from other people's current challenges).