POWER is a heart centered empowerment group that gathers monthly to lift each other up and support each other on our endeavors through networking with intuition and love.


We Are...

Dreamers, Creators, Leaders, and Everything in Between. If you are craving inspiration and connection with like-minded entrepreneurs join our sisterhood.

Kind Words

  • WOW! Erin has created an amazing group. Her positive energy, sincere care of each member, and devotion to each woman's potential are heartfelt and real. Come see how wonderfully different a supportive group led by a dynamic and dedicated leader can do for you! You'll be glad you did!
    - Brandy W Henry

  • This community of strong, passionate women have been nothing but inspiring to me!!
    - Brie Falough

  • POWER is a group of ladies grounded in the values of growth & authenticity. I call this place my church!
    - Nicole S.

  • The women who come to these events are looking to support our community. Not sell each other, but to really grow as a group of powerhouse women who want to be a resource to each other and build their impact.
    - Clarice Connolly

  • POWER is one of the best networking events I've attended in 4 years in Portland. It not only brings a beautiful way to be witnessed as an entrepreneur, and amazing content from members of the community each meeting, but it also hosts a powerful community of likeminded women. Women who are out to make a difference, connect deeply, and RISE to new heights together. I'm so happy to have found it and excited for the next time I'll get to attend.
    - Molly Mandelberg, creator of

  • I'm not a fan of networking. I'm not shy or reticent to connect, the issue for me always has to do with the caliber of the group and the format of the experience. POWER was 2 for 2! The people are wonderful, like-minded, entrepreneurial, enthusiastic, collaborative women. While I wasn't drawn to every single person or business, I felt compelled to learn more about the group, and over time, get to know so many of the participants. Erin does a beautiful job hosting the group and holding the space for the connections that are made and the opportunities that emerge. I bought my ticket to the next month's meeting within a day of attending my first meeting. Jill Leigh, Energy Healing Institute After attending a variety of networking events and venues, including women-only ones, my first POWER gathering stood out as something different and special. You can just feel the founder's sincere, loving intention that has guided POWER from its inception. It's a fun, social space that places genuine connection and self-expression above any of the usual "networking event" expectations, although of course women are supported in professional development in various ways as well. It is so important for people who own (or want to own) businesses to experience the support of others who understand that journey. Making some inspiring and wonderful new friends is a happy bonus!
    -  Karlita Nabours-Palermo Immortal Bloom by Karlita

  • The modern work of learning to be POWERful is less about gaining muscle strength, or how effectively one can network with others, and more about coming to the roundtable, looking everyone eye-to-eye, and showing your true, vulnerable, self-in-process as it unfolds into the magic that it is and is becoming. POWER has created an opening for us to show up and be our authentic selves as women, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and change makers. So grateful for Erin and POWER. Let's do this...together!
    - Luna Lea, founder Points of Light Doula Support

  • POWER is unlike any other networking group I’ve attended. This heart centered organization welcomes ambitious, caring women entrepreneurs who are truly invested in the success of each of the members. The group’s success is largely due to the group’s founder and facilitator, Erin Vanderkooy, whose approach is intentional and meant to create valuable, genuine connection amongst members. I highly this group for any woman who is looking for valuable connection in business in life.
    - -Sarah Shaoul Grief Gratitude & Greatness


The Space

As a result of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have transitioned to virtual meetings online via Zoom.

Once we can meet in person again, we will be announcing a new magical location for our gatherings.

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