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A Dynamic community of heart-centered women in business devoted to lifting each other up.

We believe in a new way of doing business that embraces inclusivity, authenticity and mutual support. POWER is a place where women entrepreneurs can build businesses and communities in ways that honor their unique needs and gifts.

At POWER, we do networking differently—connections come alive, unique perspectives are shared, and authenticity is celebrated.


POWER is more than just a networking event. It’s an authentic and uplifting community where women entrepreneurs connect, collaborate, and co-create. From kitchen-table conversations that sparked our inception to monthly gatherings that bring more than seventy women together each month, we’re dedicated to being a catalyst for both personal and professional transformation. 

Founded by Erin Vanderkooy in 2015 and now led by Emily Emanuel, POWER has evolved into a thriving community where meaningful impact meets success. Whether you’re a veteran in your field or taking your first entrepreneurial steps, POWER offers tailored professional support through regular events, mentorship programs, and exclusive online content.

Key Features of

Regular Events

Monthly in-person networking events, designed to foster meaningful connections and provide practical education.

Virtual Memberships

On-demand access to recorded presentations, interactive workshops, and expert-authored professional guides.


POWER events are open to all who identify as women, including trans and non-binary individuals.

Community Agreements

Our four foundational principles — Connection, Collaboration Over Competition, Every Voice is Heard, and Empowering Talents — guide all our interactions and initiatives.


If you’re looking to be part of a community that values your uniqueness while supporting your business aspirations, POWER welcomes you. Get involved today to explore how we can amplify your personal and professional impact.

Ready to make a meaningful difference in your entrepreneurial journey? Connect with us for our next event or sign up for our newsletter. Join POWER, where your success becomes our shared triumph.

Member Perks

As a POWER member, enjoy complimentary access to our regular events, guest passes, vendor discounts, promotional opportunities, exclusive online resources, and a private networking platform designed to foster growth and collaboration.

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