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POWER is a vibrant ecosystem of women entrepreneurs that are committed to transformation and shared success. Formed with heart and nurtured with dedication, we are more than just a women’s networking group. We’re a community of women eagerly supporting each other and creating ripples of change in the world of business.

The POWER Story

Powerful things often start small—and so did we. In 2015, our founder, Erin Vanderkooy, gathered a group of spirited women around a kitchen table in Portland, Oregon. Each woman brought her unique skills, aspirations, and challenges, and together they formed the Portland Oregon Women Entrepreneur Network Roundtable (POWER). 

In 2023, POWER’s torch was passed to Emily Emanuel. As a seasoned tech founder, astute business coach, and angel investor, Emily has been reimagining the landscape of this supportive community; her unwavering commitment to transform the way we do business continues to drive POWER’s evolution.

Emily Emanuel, POWER Facilitator & CEO


Our in-person meetings form the heart of POWER, and our online membership platform transcends geographical limits and timezones. POWER is an ecosystem where collaboration knows no bounds. 

Our virtual memberships provide immersive learning from fellow POWER members and community thought leaders that include recorded POWER presentations, interactive workshops, and expert-authored one-pagers, all available on-demand. Our members’ wisdom and their journeys toward success are available as roadmaps for budding entrepreneurs and seasoned business leaders alike.

We aspire to mentor and be mentored by each other, offering regular mentorship programs and Q&A sessions. Our Mastermind Groups, comprising select individuals led by an expert facilitator, offer platforms for you to break down your business concerns and find sustainable solutions.

Promotional opportunities within our community can help raise brand visibility. Networking brunches, business planning pop-ups, and small group “POWER lunches” open possibilities for intimate conversations and connections.

the human aspect


At the heart of every POWER gathering lie our four community agreements, interwoven into everything we do.


We believe in the power of cultivating meaningful connections in business. Our aim is to get to know each other on a deeper level, so that we can support and advocate for each other. POWER in-person events foster a space where professional relationships can develop organically. Our meetings are about connection rather than selling.

Collaboration over Competition

POWER creates a space where competition gives way to collaboration. We believe in engaging with industry peers as powerful sources of wisdom and experience rather than rivals. Our events create a welcoming space where women entrepreneurs can meet, learn from each other, and thrive together in their respective industries.

Every Voice is Heard

At POWER, we recognize and respect every individual voice. Our events include a ‘once-around-the-room,’ introduction, providing each participant with the opportunity to share who they are with the community. This succinct yet essential segment serves as a pathway toward further meaningful interpersonal exchanges.

Empowering Talents

Our mission is to help you unearth your unique gifts, gain confidence in your offerings, and learn from key speakers and changemakers in our community. Our events feature education, resource sharing, and skills development that foster both professional and personal growth.

Your voice matters.

Worried about “fitting in” at one of our in-person events in PDX? Rest assured, every participant is regarded as an integral contributor at POWER events. Your voice matters, and our gatherings offer exciting avenues for collaboration and learning. We are an inclusive community, welcoming trans and non-binary individuals as well as those that actively create safe spaces for women as allies.

Ready to Say Yes?

Explore the possibilities of intentional community by joining POWER. When one woman rises, we all do. Let’s change the way we do business, together. Welcome to the POWER community! You belong here.







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