Cultivate Your Community — Expand Your Growth

Emily Emanuel power

By Phoenix Rose

Your community creates the foundation for your business to thrive. 

Your community is made up of your super fans, clients, connections, collaborators, and soul sisters in business. They’re the ones who deeply believe in your work — share similar values, challenges, and desires — and celebrate all your new offers.

Your community is essential. And like any relationship, it requires devotion, empathy, and trust. When we root into these qualities, it shifts the focus of the relationship from sales to connection. That’s where the magic happens.

There are many pathways to cultivating and growing a community — you get to choose what works for you. Meaning, what comes so easily? What feels expansive? Is it writing, speaking, creating, or having conversations over tea? Once you’ve identified the “what” and “where”, begin to notice…

When does your creative muse come out?

Is there a ritual you can create before you write or engage? (Lighting a candle, pouring tea, meditating, walking, etc.)

What conditions do you need to show up consistently? 

What are you loving? What can you release?

Are there any limiting beliefs that keep you from showing up fully?

One of my favorite ways to (re)start growing your community is to create a three-month devotional practice.

Choose your communication channels and commit to how you’d like to show up for three months. This length of time will allow you to find your rhythm and explore the impacts of your practice. Let these three months be a time of creative exploration, of finding your flow. {If you’d like to hear more business inspiration and monthly musings from Phoenix Rose, join the community right here. Plus, you’ll receive a free business planning ritual!}

About Phoenix Rose

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