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By Erin Vanderkooy

I am so excited to launch the POWER Blog for our community website.

The idea behind this blog is that members can submit written articles on topics that they are knowledgeable on or inspirational personal journey stories they would like to share. You can include images and most importantly your business website along with any other links that would be beneficial to promote your business.

This is an excellent opportunity to direct traffic to your website and boost SEO performance! It also continues to allow the community to get to know you on a deeper level so when we are out in the world we can continue to connect and network on each other’s behalf.

Finally, it adds value to the community as a whole while we learn from shared knowledge and inspirational stories. We can move forward with this information and apply the little gems that we learn to our own businesses.

My intention, while I continue to add to the memberships, is to provide as much value as possible. May this community continue to be a platform that lifts us all up!!

~ Erin,
P.O.W.E.R Founder & Erin Vanderkooy Wellness


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